Kamis, 28 Mei 2009

Condition on sita shop, May 2009

On may 2009, We make data entry in Sita online shop, we just update new products of our online fashion shop. The data is Bali fashion necklace (about 30 more items) and wooden fashion bracelet (about 4 more items) .....
We release we should get improve our online site with our main products as soon as possible because everyday the visitor from search engine has been increase, and many visitor landing to our site with many phrase keywords.
We still prepare the products for our online shop, also prepare for wholesale and retail prices.

And thank to all visitor that has visited our online shop, please come back again in First July 2009, after we renew our domain and hosting in last juny 2009....... and We prepare for reopening the Bali fashion shop - Indonesia - Asia.

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Jumat, 17 April 2009

Bali fashion jewelry

Bali is popular with the gods of island, also popular with fashion products. Many Bali fashion products from this island from fashion jewelry, fashion accessories, Bali handbag, handmade sandal, Indonesia handicraft and many other fashion products.

Sita online fashion shop offers Bali fashion products to all the world throughout their website www.sita-shop.com. Don't hesitate to contact sita online fashion shop or send us your inquiry about our Bali fashion or Asia fashion products.

In sita-shop.com has products discount quantity, so you can buy as you can and get the discount depends your product quantity order.

Sita online fashion shop is fashion shop from Bali island - Indonesia - Asia.

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